RACHEL WIDOMSKI’s works instigate a reevaluation of the spaces and environments that surround us. The artist utilizes imagery and structures inherently familiar, typically referencing forms taken from constructed environments. Yet she modifies them in a human way, representing her desire to bring a heightened awareness to particular moments. 

This desire is apparent in Widomski’s video installations, where she suggests the potentiality of organic  introduction through purely industrial means. Based on experiential writing about driving a car, the installation approaches the act of driving as an opportunity for connection. In her video, the artist explores the physical and conceptual barriers that exist between internal and external spaces. Immersed in the gallery space, the viewer recognizes the moment of a passing car as something more than pure happenstance. The artist’s use of light and sound suggests a heightened understanding of this singular occasion, yet the exact takeaway of understanding is left up to the viewer.

The artist acts as a contemporary flâneuse, consciously drifting through urban space to recognize overlooked human moments of the everyday. Interested in ideas of the ubiquitous, the artist draws attention to the way spaces are experienced, questioning spatial distinctions, purposes, constructions, and perceptions.

Alexandra Mickle, contemporary art historian

2016 review of esoteric concussion